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Here are some quotes from people who tried the Speed Reading Manual and emailed me about it...

quoteI was already aware of a few of the topics in this ebook, having studied speed reading before... But honestly, one piece of info from the first 10 pages has already helped. I stopped wasting my time with that software you mentioned, which other ebooks had called a solution. You told me the truth, and the reasoning behind it – and I respect you for that.Overall – easy to read, lots of little nuggets & bigger info. Well researched, well formatted, and pretty informative. The instructions are pretty fool proof as well – using some of those tips, I’ve already increased my reading speed. I don’t know what it was, but it was pretty abysmal...I was doing EXACTLY what you describe in the ebook, reading the wrong way. Now I know the right way, and I’ve already regained some time & productivity.Time is money... And all the time I spend researching & reading takes away from time I could be spending [working]. Now I’ll be able to gather the same info in less time, and spend more time doing what I really love...

Good work... I’ll be buying from you again.endquote

- Cherilyn Lester

quoteI just reviewed the report and its an excellent primer to speed reading. It gives various techniques for people at all levels to try. I am a complete newbie to speed reading and in a concise manner it filled me in - from the background, to how we read currently, to what speed reading actually is and the steps to take to learn it. I hope to apply the tips mentioned in this report to get thru all the stuff I have to read! As is with anything, the outcome will be dependent on how much time and effort I put in practicing this. Thanks for a much-needed report!quote


quoteA solid guide for anyone who is looking to speed up their reading.quote

- Will Barden

quoteHi Stephen - Great material!! Even though I already read at a fast pace, I can see that the techniques presented in your document can help me further eliminate (or drastically minimize) life-long bad habits in reading - significantly improving my speed and comprehension.

Keep up the great work of education others on more effective ways to reading comprehensively.

You can quote me on that. quote

- Kevin

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