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OSB 4 Feet Veneer Peeling Machine

Area: China Shandong
Validity: forever
Information of the company

1.Product brief introduction

The OSB 4 feet veneer peeling machine is high speed dual power AIO veneer peeling machine,automatic spindle veneer peeling lathe for wood shavins/OSB board making machinery/OSB production line

2.Product parameter list

Designation Unit Arguments
Log processing dimensions mm 500*1400mm
Size of rotary cutter mm 1500*180*16mm
Diameter of cylinder mm 180mm
Linear speed m/min 50m/min
Reference output m3/day 120m3/day
Hydraulic system power kw 5.5kw
Single roller power kw 1-11kw
Single roll reducer
Double roller power kw 1*11kw
Double roll reducer
Product dimensions mm 4000*2200*1800mm
Weight kg 4000kg
Widen the aggravating
Total power kw 27.5kw

3.Product superiority

1). Improve the utilization rate of wood, the utilization rate of wood slicer shavins is about 70%, and the utilization rate of peeling can reach more than 90% 

2). Improve the shape of shavins, the shape of shavins by wood slicer are irregular, with more debris, and shape of shavins by peeling are more uniform, and the surface of the board is more beautiful. 

3). The assembly line is simple to operate, do not need highly skilled operators, and down labor requirements. 

4). Convenient maintenance, using conventional structure, don't need professional maintenance person 

5). The installation environment can get more easily, don't need to prepare foundation, fixed equipment, just the ground is hardened and leveled

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6.Main features

1) Our wood chippers lowers cost , could work independently , it produce better regure wood chippers , could increase the OSB board surface looking largely.

2)  Full automatic OSB wood chippers produce line / OSB production line  / OSB making machine  is development from our classic products - plywood veneer peeling machine.

3) Our wood chippers  size could cusotmized ,all the shape and size are same , generally recangular or diamond.

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