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Round willow laundry baskets set of 3

L: DIA45*55H
M: DIA37*45H
S: DIA31*36H
Area: China
Validity: forever
Information of the company
1 . HANDMADE BASKET Made from natural wicker and made by experienced craftsman . It is to human body won't produce any side effect completely green environmental protection product . Healthy material selecion can ensure a healthy life.
2. LIDDED HAMPER Our woven lids is tightly knit and resistantto pressure. It can better isolate the smell.Compared to Laundry basket without cover, a laundry basket with a lid is more convenient to use.
3. COTTON AND LINEN LINING Our lining is woven from vegetable fibers.This lining cloth has high permeabillity, highwater absorbed, high anti-bacterial. It can come into direct contact with food.
4. LARGE CAPACITY We can customize the size according to the customer's requirement.This basket can be used for dirty clothes, plush toys,magazines and books, it has enoughspace for daily use by the family.
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