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Foreign trade surges in north China's comprehensive bonded zone

Date:2021-01-08  Hits:311

The import and export volume of the Manzhouli comprehensive bonded zone in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region exceeded 1.1 billion yuan (about 170.5 million U.S. dollars) in 2020, according to local authorities.

The foreign trade volume was double that of the previous year, said the zone's management committee.

The zone has launched three road freight routes linking China with Poland, Italy and Russia's Moscow. It has also exported more than 400 kinds of cargo worth nearly 500 million yuan, including precision machinery and household appliances.

Covering 1.44 square km, the zone lies in the border city of Manzhouli. As the first comprehensive bonded zone in Inner Mongolia, it offers a series of favorable policies covering tax, foreign exchange management and other fields.

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