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Big data whistling to: talent management is faced with opportunities and challenges

"Heaven and earth, all things the Nilv; time, EMI passing. Today, every students meet in the 21st century the Chinese people, feel the rapid development of science and technology, after the necessary learning. Ma said:" when we do not understand what is the personal computer, the Internet come; when we do not understand what is the Internet, the era of big data has come. "

Now, with clouds above us, our feet net, around us is full of difficult to measurement data. The magnificent data hurricane is from the depths of the world to us roar Pentium to, and whether we are ready to? What is big data of large numbers according to the talents to work to bring opportunities and challenges? Is that today we are going to answer questions.

Big data and big data Era

Big data as a data set, when we use the concept of time, actually contains three layers of meaning: one is data is large; the second is to change quickly; the third is to form a complex. Hidden data, knowledge, wisdom, value and development. It's not just a a lot of data, more important is data or a way of thinking and management, governance path. Therefore, we should arouse sufficient attention. I think, for us personnel management, the emergence of large data, but a greatly enhance the management level of the good of it can.

Experts believe that big data has the following characteristics:

Association between is a big data to value things. Data is a important characteristic, is the first do not speak "cause and effect", attaches great importance to the "association". If you find a correlation, it can be use. By virtue of its own satellite information system of goods management of Wal Mart Company, found in their stores, those who buy baby diaper customers, many of them want to buy a few cans of beer. This is why? Don't know. But, to grasp the relevance of store manager, can tell shelves member to the filling beer and diapers for babies two commodity put together. So, really improve the two commodity sales. In the flow of talent, National Academy of macroeconomic research, the researchers found the "Mustard" index "instant noodles index", namely "Mustard" and "instant noodles" in different areas of sales and domestic talent flow flows to the high degree of overlap.

Second is the data value focuses on mining. For large data, not only to collect it, more important is to tap it. Mining is analyzed, the purpose is from looking for relationships, focus, rules and insight into the trend of its development. The management provides a great help. With big data, managers will be able to greatly enhance the management level of all walks of life, governance ability. In previous years, Beijing University student canteen bombings, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau use big data approach, the perpetrators fled shortly after will criminals from the vast sea of humanity caught out.

Three big data will overturn many traditional. In the past, social science research commonly used "sampling", once thought to be social civilization can establish the solid foundation, a very wide application. In fact, it just in technology is restricted to the particular period, to solve a particular problem of a kind of helpless method. Now, they can already collect information to the past can not be gathered, so "sample is equal to all". And in doing so, than the sampling methods are used to derive the conclusion to accurately. This is an example of. Experts say: big data will subvert the 13 industries, Internet banking is an obvious case.

Fourth, with large data screening and prediction function. The so-called screening, is to seize the key. It is well known, any of the big cities have many covers, running water wells, gas wells, sewage well cover and so on. In the United States, New York, in the face of a large number of covers, the management department on a daily basis only open 50 covers can ensure safe city run. Why? It turns out that they in each manhole covers are fitted with sensors, real-time gathering all information, master of the important intelligence. Predict the so-called, is ahead of schedule to obtain valuable information, 2008 years, Google a R & D team use the Internet to collect the individual search terms of massive amounts of data, catch In epidemic experts before two weeks, predict in advance to the imminent outbreak of influenza A (H1N1). Because they have mastered the big data, so such a difficult thing Google did.

The pace of the advance of human society for a moment did not stop. Historians believe that, the world has experienced gathering society, agricultural society, industrial society, now entered the information society. Information society is divided for three times: the computer age (in machine readable, data can be considered), Internet era, information transmission, information service), era of big data (living, working and thinking of the revolution). American scientists say, the influence of big data like four centuries before humans invented the microscope as, the human nature, the observation and measurement of advancing to the level of "cell", which brings historical progress and Revolution to the human society; Today's big data will become human a behavior of microscope observation. This new microscope, not only will expand the scope of human cognition, promote the growth of human knowledge, but also will become of the natural world and monitoring "dashboard", lead the new world economic development and prosperity. So, there is a saying, humanity has entered the era of big data, 2013 is also regarded as the first year of big data.

Big data and talent training

Big data can find the weakness of learning

The United States has been using large data methods established full of personality in the teaching of higher education support system. Among them for "analysis technology, through the analysis of massive amounts of data associated with the students, identify each student's learning behavior and learning mode. This makes it easy for in the initial stage of the study found that what students are learning difficulties, or at risk of dropping out of school, so that they can take more accurate measures to assist, adroitly guide action according to circumstances. Teachers can use household panel" to record the progress of students in their learning and real-time learning situation monitoring.

Internet Education based on "cloud computing", has become an open learning system, learners can not subjected to time, location and economic conditions of the restrictions, independent elective courses, enhance the self.

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