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Cases of our company
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For government:

1. China satellite launch TT& C headquarters: Chinese satellite launch headquarters technology minister Wang Wei came to Linyi to buy parts and to find manufacturers of printed drawings in2007. Due to the high requirements of printing technology, only few manufacturers can print samples, during the final sample competition, our company is approved. And got the star of the private enterprise title.

2. Development research center under the State Council: It is really a big leap for us in 2008.We printed the posters of Linyi developing plan using metal Printing for Development research center under the State Council.

3. North China Institute of Computing Technology:We improved the computer printing technology in North China Institute of Computing Technology in 2009.We have been in the printing industry for many years.

For Group:

1. China Citic Group:we are very honored to undertake all the printing business of the China Citic Group Linyi branch

2. Beijing post group:A large number of packaging boxes were needed due to the development of online retailers.We were very lucky to be the assigned supplier of Beijing post group Linyi branch.

3. International Daily Group:I am very proud to tell you that we print all the newspaper for International Daily Group Linyi branch from 2013.

4. China Minmetals :As you can see,Linyi's logistics is developping very rapidly .It means the requirements for the packing are lots of in some way.So we are the best choice of China Minmetals.

For company:

1. Tsinghua Unisplendour Corporation Limited:Thunis's core business is mainly around electronic products.So they want to find the experienced factory.We are very lucky to be the part of the Tsinghua Unisplendour Corporation Limited.

2. Beijing Tong Fang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd: We are sure we could do better through the cooperation with Tsinghua Unisplendour Corporation Limited.So we took the samples to the Beijing Tong Fang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd Linyi branch.After several efforts,we made the deal that we produced the computer boxes for them.

3. State letter Tendering Co., Ltd:We offered all office supplies. Brochures. Poster for State letter Tendering Co., Ltd and got Got a good evaluation.

4. Ricoh Chinese Co. Ltd:Ricoh China company authorized our company for the Linyi area propaganda of all products, part of the total sales in 2014.

5. Hua Xia Bank Co., Limited:Our company produced all the bank’s PVC cards ,contract documents, the posters etc.We kept  friendly cooperation from year 2013

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