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Custom Printed Paper Box,Food Packaging Box

Product Category

Linyi YuLun printing Co.,Ltd is the leading manufacturer that provides printing and service of packaging solutions, specializing in corrugated boxes,cardboard boxes, Kraft boxes, window boxes, paper bags, labels, flexible packaging, rigid boxes and protective packaging.

Our Products

1. By Box Style: No Glue, Straight Line, Auto Bottom, Four Corners, Six Corners, Two Pieces Box, Custom Box Style;

2. Boxes By Industry: Food & Beverage, Advertising, Apparel, Cosmetic, Counter Display, Gift, Restaurant, Electronics;

3. Paper Bag: Custom Bags Printing and Packaging;

4. Booklets, Brochures, Flyers, Envelope, Business Cards;

Quality, innovation and a first class service are all contributed to our success over the years. We have advanced technology, high-end equipments, German Roland 6 color printing machine, Heidelberg 4&6 color printing machine and other advanced pre-printing and post processing equipments. Windows, embossing, die cutting, perforations, UV coating, glossy/matte and lots of add-on options are available for all sorts of packing boxes. And efficient production team, all those ensure our superior quality and all jobs are printed in minimal time.

We use color to enrich your corporate image, fist class quality to enhance cooperate value. With high quality, competitive price, fast delivery and professional service, our cooperation will become more and more intimate and efficient. If you have any questions about our products, contact us. We are available all the time for you to learn us more.

Name: LINYI YULUN PRINTING CO.,LTD Type: Business units (The manufacturer,trader)
Area: China/Shandong Scale: 50-99
Capital: not filled Born: 2002
Mode: The manufacturer,trader
Business: Custom Printed Paper Box,Food Packaging Box
Supply: paper box/cake box/candy box/kraft box/retail box/paper bag
Demand: duplex board/art paper/corrugated board
Packaging, Advertising & Office Crafts,Gifts, Sports & Toys Electronics
Agriculture & Food Home, Lights & Construction Metallurgy, Chemicals
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