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Shandong Golden Sunshine Building Materials Company Limited is invested by Shandong Jinhu Aluminun Group. It is located in Linyi Comprehensive Free Trade Zone. We can annually produce 40,000 tons of color coated aluminum coils, which are used in roof, curtain wall, ceiling, sun louver, downpipe, and 3,000,000 square meters of metal composite panels including curtain wall A C P, advertising signage and A 2 & B 1 fireproof metal composite panel. We also have 2 stone coated metal roof tile production lines with 20,000,000 square meters product capacity. We have inherited our 16 years experiences of technology, makes huge investment on new facilities and technologies, and uses internationally advanced testing machines, and strictly control films thickness, color difference and appearance, to ensure our coils of high quality. To meet the most-strict requirements from international customers, A C P department introduces a 2,300 mm wide-panel production line which can produce 2,100 mm wide panels. This line uses extrusion process and 4-roll press polish technology, which highly raise efficiency and product appearance. Now we can produce first-class A 2 fireproof metal composite panels in China, and panel core of higher density, lower water absorption and lower cost than industry average, thanks to our 4 years hard research. We have passed I S O 9 0 0 1 international quality management system certification and Soncap certificate. Partners from both China and overseas are always sincerely welcome!

Name: Shandong Golden Sunshine Building Materials Co., Ltd. Type: institutions or social groups (The manufacturer,trader)
Area: China/Shandong Scale: 100-499
Capital: 5000ten thousandRMB Born: 2015
Mode: The manufacturer,trader
Business: building boards
Home, Lights & Construction
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