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Shandong Shenghe Textile Co.,Ltd

Yarns, metal fibers, non-woven fabrics

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Shandong Shenghe Textile Co., Ltd., established in 1995, is a group company integrating production, processing, research and development, and trade. Located in the Economic Development Zone of Mengyin County, it covers an area of 500 mu and consists of Wendao Technology, Shenghe Nonwovens,

There are five subsidiaries of Netsun Trading, Daiwa Textile, and Wendao Supply Chain. It has one provincial-level entrepreneurship counseling base, one municipal-level technology center, one municipal-level enterprise-one technology R&D center, and 1,200 employees.

       The company adheres to the grand vision of "being the strongest in the industry and creating a century-old foundation" and the sacred mission of "walking together, advancing with the times, and building a beautiful and prosperous home together". Adhere to the "four-in-one" business model and the "three-pronged" closed-loop management model

educating, cultivating and shaping people with a harmonious culture. The scale benefit of the enterprise has been improved year by year.

       The company has complete production equipment, advanced technology, complete testing methods, more than 150 professional and technical personnel of various types, and a well-trained, capable and efficient workforce. The company pays attention to scientific and technological research and development and technological innovation, and cooperates with Shanghai Donghua University

School, Fudan University and Qingdao University have established long-term friendly and cooperative relations.
Name: Shandong Shenghe Textile Co.,Ltd Type: Business units ()
Area: China/Shandong Scale:
Capital: not filled Born: 1995
Business: Yarns, metal fibers, non-woven fabrics
Apparel,Textiles & Accessories
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