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Linyi Flying Carpet Co.,Ltd.

Aluminum Composite Panel and aluminum solid panel manufacturer

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Linyi Flying Carpet Trading Co., Ltd. is a company with independent export rights and perfect operation mechanism, we also have our own factory which founded in 1997, located in the important industrial and trade city of east China--the city of Linyi in Shandong Province. Our factory is among a small number domestic ACP producing enterprises which have got the ISO9001 and the ISO14001. The factory has 8 ACP production lines which main produce PE ACP, PCDF ACP, Marble ACP, Wooden ACP, Brushed ACP and so on. Our product were sold to the major domestic cities and also exported to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America and other regions, has shared high visibility in the domestic construction and decoration market and received many foreign curtain wall experts approbation.
In the future, Linyi Flying Carpet Trade Co., Ltd. will take the tremendous confidence, numerous diligent, superb production technical, advanced technology and equipment, and convenient after-sales service, co... [Detailed introduction]
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