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DY1102A Wall Lamp
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Product: DY1102A Wall Lamp 
Valid Date: Long term effective
Last update: 2022-11-10 10:35
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Item Nr. DY1102A
Material  Aluminium+GLASS
Watts  MAX.35W
Lumen /
PF /
Input Voltage AC220-240V,50/60Hz
CCT  /
RA    /
Chips  GU10
IP-Class 44
Electric Class I
Size 68X95X80MM
Company Profile

Ningbo Dengding Lighting Co., Ltd.

Company's main business
Ningbo Dengding Lighting Co., Ltd. founded in 2016, is located in zhushanqiao village, Lizhou street, Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province. Specializing in the production and supply of outdoor lamps, LED indoor and outdoor lamps, courtyard lamps, wall lamps, spotlights, bunker lamps, etc., which are widely used in commercial lighting at home and abroad. With excellent products, complete categories and strong market competitiveness, the company is deeply favored by customers.
The company has always been committed to product development and quality management, has a number of patented technologies, and its products comply with professional certifications such as CE, CB, SAA and ROHS. We have become one of DY1102A Wall Lamp suppliers and exporter, you can simply quote for price. Production & Service.
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