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Stainless Steel Flanged Foot Valve with Strainer
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Product: Stainless Steel Flanged Foot Valve with Strainer 
model: FRH41H
Origin: China
payment terms: TT,LC
Valid Date: Long term effective
Last update: 2018-12-10 13:39
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FREE-VALVE’s bottom flange foot valve is a kind of energy saving valve, usually installed at the bottom of the suction pipe of pump. The functions of foot valve are designed to stop water from going backwards when the pump shuts off and only allow the water flow forward . As many inlet and stiffeners are designed on the valve bonnet , the valve is not easy to clog . The foot valve is usually applied at suction pipe . The valve disc usually designed as signal disc ,and connection method is flange .


1.Flange foot valve is composed of valve body, disc, cover,strainer basket, sealing ring and other parts.

2.The disc is moved up and down under fluid pressure drop between inlet and outlet to realize the valve opening and closing. The valve opens under the pressure of the fluid.

3.When the pump stops working, the valve will be shut off quickly under pressure of outlet pipe , and the liquid will not flow back to the water source, which will help the water suction pump and save water loss.

4.Flow area is 2 to 3 times of the pipe area about stainless steel or carbon steel strainer basket.

Technical Specification:

1.Size Range: NPS2~NPS20,DN50~DN500

2.Applicable Temperature: 0~300℃

3.Connection Type: Flange or screw

4.Sealing material: soft sealing or hardness sealing

5.Material of main parts:WCB,stainless steel

6.Test standard:GB/T13927,API598


FREE-VALVE’s bottom foot valve is designed for using in irrigation as well as other pumping applications wher water may be dirty due to suspended silt and sand. It offers extremely low head loss. Valve body is cast steel construction. Ports are female screw or flange for easy installation.



Price terms:FOB,CFR,FCA,CIF

Payment terms:TT,LC



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