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Dried Fruits , Seeds and Kernal , Dehydrated Vegetables

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We would like to introduce Qingdao Dried Fruits Industry Co., Ltd is one of the trusted manufacturers based in Qingdao-China, that have been processing high quality raisins, dried fruits, seeds and kernals, fruits tea, canned fruits and dehydrated vegetables for 15 years. At present we own two factories, and the raisin supply ability is 6000mts per year. Due to our strict quality control and integrity management, our products are approved and satisfied by worldwide customers. 

Our aim is to enable our customers to get the right product at the right time with reasonable price. We pay more attention to the fresh fruits material quality control to get the high quality clean material, use HACCP system to control the whole processing, and pack according to buyers′ request. 

If you are looking for products that have been processed through accredited factory with reduced risks of contamination, we could be the ultimate trading partner that you have been looking for in China. W... [Detailed introduction]
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