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Hot Press Machine
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Product: Hot Press Machine 
Valid Date: Long term effective
Last update: 2022-12-06 18:08
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1.Product brief introduction

Veneer be glued and stacked, then glue together under set temperature and pressure by hot press. As veneer temperature and moisture containing changes, veneer will shrink. Shrink wastage is related to temperature, pressure, hot press time, wood material, moisture containing.

Can be used for wooden door/fireproof door/wood veneer veneer, veneer, suitable for ecological board, particle board, foam board, etc.

2.Product parameter list

Model HP4X8/500/15
Max pressure 500 Tons
Board feeding direction Transverse
7Layers 15Layers
Layer spacing 70mm
Number of hot press plate 16pcs
Hot press plate size 2700*1370*42mm
Cylinder  2*?180mm/360mm*1050mm
Stroke 1050mm
Compression resistance ≤25 Mpa
Total Power 7.5KW+18.5kw
Low pressure pump flowing 250ml/r*1pcs
high pressure pump flowing 10ml/r*1pcs
Overall dimension 3550mm*1370mm*4650mm
Working methods Full automatic
Composite frame Assembled
Upper and bottom beam 900mm
Middle beam 400mm
Thickness of the frame 35 mm
Weight about 33Tons

3.Product Advantage

1)Button-type operation panel, simple operation, monitoring machine operation at all times, one-key start, high safety performance

2)Stainless steel cylinder, the cylinder body is designed with stainless steel to ensure stability, good sealing and good safety

3)Using high-quality hot-pressing hot plate, good pressure bearing performance, not easy to deform, more dredging of oil pipelines, more uniform heating, and longer service life

4)The machines all use high-power copper core motors, which are safe to use and have a long service life.

5)All machines and electrical appliances use high-quality electrical components, and the circuit layout is reasonable and regular

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5.Product link

6.Main features

1) Using microcomputer control system, the operation is easy and simple

2) Driven by servo motor and precision screw feed.

3) It is equipped with touch screen , very convenient to change thickness and other parameters . 

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