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4 Feet High-speed Automatic One Support One Veneer Peeling
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Product: 4 Feet High-speed Automatic One Support One Veneer Peeling 
Valid Date: Long term effective
Last update: 2022-12-01 17:58
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1.Product brief introduction

Our product 4 Feet High-speed Automatic One Support Two Veneer Peeling production line includes 4 feet log debarker, 4 feet wood peeling machine, log conveyor, and 4 feet vacuum veneer stacker.The function of veneer peeling line for processing wood and produce wood veneer, as you know, wood veneer is material for making plywood, wooden furniture and others. So its quality are very important. This requires the veneer machine are good quality and strong enough. This 4 feet veneer production line can process max log length 2600mm, and max log diameter 600mm, and thickness can be 0.5-3mm. With advanced and mature production technology, and experienced workers and professional technicians, So our veneer machine structure and characters are good. And we use good and thick materials, super machine accessories, good electric box and upgraded electric parts, So our log peeling machine are strong enough to peel kinds of hardwood like beech, birch and others, and can help you produce very accurate wood veneer with smooth surface, which will help you create much value.

2.Details of Equipment

The peeling machine holds the log by three rollers and contacts the cutter bed to rotate the cutting blade to remove the bark of the log. The hydraulic cylinder automatically moves forward and backward to give certain pressure to the log. The rotation of three rollers drives the log to rotate and complete the rotary cutting process to fully peel the bark of the log.

After peeling, the smooth wood is automatically sent to the storage platform of the rotary cutting machine for waiting.

After logs enter the rotary cutter, high-speed veneer is rotated and cut. Servo control system is adopted to realize closed-loop control of position, speed and cutting distance in precision, which ensures the precision and smoothness of veneer rotary cutting.

4 feet vacuum veneer stacker  takes the veneer from the rotary clipper and stacks them according to the size of veneers. It's function is to pile up the cut veneer automatically, commonly installed after veneer peeling machine to save labour cost and improving working efficiency.

3.Product superiority

1). With hydraulic system. Rotary peeling and cutting are all together.

2). The use of a Feeding Screw precision closed completely driven by servo motor Gear Reducer with hardened precision.

3). The thickness of the plate, the opening of the Knife can be adjusted automatically by itself.

4). With the Control System of the computer. The Plate thickness with a minimum margin of error of 0.05 mm

5). The last section of cut could Cut the sheet is for the full size.

6). Matched with the automatic stacker of the absorbability of vacuum.

7). The team is equipped with a circular system free of logs,

The Rotary Cutting Speed faster and more convenient.

8). Compact structure, stable performance, simple operation and High Efficiency and easy maintenance. 

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