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Shandong Al Maaly International Trading Co., Ltd.

ceramics dinnerware\Enamelware\Glassware\Architectural ceramics

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Shandong Al Maaly International Trading Co., Ltd.

Shandong Al Maaly International Trading Co.,Ltd.has specialized in the export of ceramic dinnerware for many years.Our head offfice is located in Linyi City,shandong province,and has branch offices in Guangxi,Shanxi,and Henan.Al Maaly International Trading Co.,Ltd. cooperates with 47 factories around China for many years supplying lots kinds of ceramic dinnerware,including dinner plates,bowls,cups and dinnerware sets.Besides,we also supply to our customers few other related products,such as glass cups,knife,fork,and spoon,placemats and coasters.

AL MAALY has professional team to do research and development,procurement,market,quality control,and shiping.We are committed to providing customers with high-quality products,affordable prices and professional services.We have our own QC group,to supervise each step of production,ensure the quality of each goods from us.Al Maaly has developed own designers group,investing more to make the products keep pace with fashion trend.We accept ODM and OEM.You could choose new item from us or offer your own designs.We join the Canton Fair every year,company strength and credit verified by related government department of China.AL MAALY uphold the principle of integrity,innovation and joint development,devote ourselves to the company ——”professional,dedicated and most reliable”.We stive for the perfection in our products.On the basic of ensuring product safety make it more aesthetic.Choose AL Maaly,get your partner!

Name: Shandong Al Maaly International Trading Co., Ltd. Type: other ()
Area: China/Shandong Scale: 1-49
Capital: 300ten thousandRMB Born: 2010
Business: ceramics dinnerware\Enamelware\Glassware\Architectural ceramics
Supply: ceramics dinnerware\Enamelware\Glassware\Architectural ceramics
Crafts,Gifts, Sports & Toys
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