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China Chamber of International Commerce Linyi Chamber

At present, there are nearly 3 million non central heating households in Linyi city. Linyi has established a "1335" work

September 26 is the first Entrepreneur Day in Linyi City.In the afternoon of the same day, our city held an Entrepreneur

On July 12, Chen Jingxiu, vice president of CCPIT, took Wang Qiang, vice president and Secretary General of Linyi labor

On the morning of July 4, 2021, the opening ceremony of Shandong Office of Zhejiang Jinlong Machinery Manufacturing Co.,

The first name of the Chamber of Commerce Chamber of China Chamber of International Commerce Linyi, referred to Linyi International Chamber of Commerce, (English name: CHINA CHAMBER OF INTERNATIonAL COMMERCE LINYI CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, abbreviation: CCOICL


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Constructed in accordance with international standards, Luxin International Conference and Exhibition Center is a large-scale exhibition building with a total investment of nearly RMB 1,000 million yuan, and construction area of 240,000 square meters. The exhibition area occupies 150,000 square meters, and can hold 6,000 international standard booths. There are international and national conference halls, multifunctional halls, banquet halls of 40,000 square meters and other supporting facilities over 3,000 square meters. With its unique and innovative architectural style and those international as well as modernized multi-functional facilities, Luxin International Conference and Exhibition Center has become the new landmark of Linyi.

Luxin International Conference and Exhibition Center



[Asia]? [Africa]? [Europe]? [North America]? [South America]? [Oceania]?

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