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Vietnam Ho Chi Minh International Food & beverage, processing and packaging technology exhibition

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Time 2022-08-11 - 2022-08-13
Address Asia Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City
Hallname Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center - SECC
Sponsor Vinexad
Vietnam professional food & beverage, processing and packaging technology exhibition

Due to the huge potential of Vietnam's food market and the international popularity of the two exhibitions, Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh City Food and Beverage Exhibition (vietfood) and processing and packaging technology exhibition (propack Vietnam) are jointly held. It is an international professional exhibition jointly sponsored by Vietnam's Ministry of industry and trade trade trade, Vietnam beer and Beverage Association and Ho Chi Minh City Food Association.

Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City Food & Packaging Exhibition vietfood & beyond-propack attracts the support of enterprises from all over the world every year, resulting in fruitful cooperation. In order to improve the popularity of the exhibition, the organizers have also taken various publicity activities. According to the showguide exhibition navigation survey, for example, it is published on radio stations, Vietnam News Publications and regional news, local and national television stations, electronic newspapers, etc Invitations, news notices and other recommended food fairs directly send more than 500000 invitations to potential enterprises, top food and beverage production and processing enterprises in Vietnam and the region, as well as outdoor billboards and posters are effective ways to improve popularity. The visitors to the Vietnam food and packaging exhibition also come from companies in the food industry, import and export companies, beverage purchasers, agents and wholesalers, food service personnel in hotels, fast food industry, schools and hospitals, food supply and beverage service companies, confectionery manufacturers, etc.

Participating in Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh City Food and packaging exhibition, vietfood & beverage-propack, can more directly understand the development of world products and the specific needs of the market, help to improve the technical content of products, adjust and improve the product structure, lay a foundation for the production of high-quality products, and guide the direction for improving exports and ensuring normal exports.

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