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Nagoya International Automobile Technology Exhibition

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Time 2022-08-10 - 2022-08-13
Address Europe Germany Berlin
Hallname Europe Germany Berlin
Sponsor Messe Berlin GmbH
One of the largest and most influential international audio-visual and consumer electronics exhibitions in the world

Great influence: IFA online is jointly sponsored by GfU and messeberlin GmbH. Consumer electronics show in Germany is a grand event for global home appliance manufacturers and traders to display new products and conduct business and technical exchanges. It is a gathering and display of new products by consumer electronics manufacturers and traders all over the world and an important technology market in the world. It not only carries more innovation and product release than any previous event, but also shows more digital lifestyles than any other show in the world.

Good exhibition effect: at IFA online exhibition, a total of 1814 exhibitors, including Sony, LG, Dell, Philip, Beko, Acer and other international well-known brands in the field of global household appliances, almost all participated in the exhibition. IFA has sold 161200 square meters of exhibition space, which confirms IFA's role as a leading exhibition in the global technology industry. Berlin consumer electronics show has become a major gathering place for professional manufacturers to explore the European market, master professional information, understand the current international market trends, master technology and sign order contracts, important exhibitions, retailers, buyers and industry and media experts.

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