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Quality Chinese suspended pvc panel

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Description: pvc panel
Specification: 595x595x7.0MM
Packing: 20 pieces per carton
Price: discuss personally
Total Supply:
Area: China Shandong
Validity: 2023-06-07
Information of the company

Quality pvc panel  is  one good choice as the suspended ceiling tile and dry wall partition.


The panel is made of pvc granule, inter mixture, stabilizer and mountain flour , under high temperature. final molding.

Various pvc design firms are for choice with more specification .

Normal size for suspension is 595x595x7.0MM .

Packing : 20 pieces per carton, 1260 cartons per forty feet container.

So it is for our inter and external decoration , our living room, malls, school, meeting room, warehouse and projects.

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