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Euro 5Mission Standard large wind engine blower EB955

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Brand: petros
Discharging Capacity(cc): 51.7
Speed(r/min): 7000
Air Volume(m3/h): 1265
Price: discuss personally
Total Supply:
Area: China Shandong
Validity: forever
Information of the company
Euro 5Mission Standard large wind engine blower EB955


1. Engine is 1E44FP,Reliable and durable

2.Backpack, easy to operate, comfortable, reduce labor intensity.

3.Large wind, high efficiency.

Scope of use:

It is mainly used for fighting fire in forests and grasslands, cleaning up fallen leaves, road dust, garbage, etc.. It can also be used for snow removal in winter greenhouses, asphalt paving on engineering pavement, or dust removal in the basic layer before painting.

The detailed parameters are as follows:

Model EB955
Type Back-pack
Engine Type Air-cooled 2-cycle gasoline engine  1E44FP
Discharging Capacity(cc) 51.7
Speed(r/min) 7000
Air Volume(m3) 1265
Net Weight(kg) 7
Package Dimension (mm) 475X385X520
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